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About Home Builders Care

Home Builders Care is a non-profit arm of the Home Builders Association of Lexington.

 Our Mission

To build a better future through active participation in community service projects that support and promote the physical, emotional, and social well-being of Kentucky families.

2015 Home for a Veteran Project

The Home Builders Association of Lexington is pleased to announce that Home Builders Care, the charitable foundation of the 63-year-old trade association, will dedicate the new home for Cade Shackelford, a US Army veteran on Monday, January 25, 2016.  Working in partnership with HBA Builders, Suppliers and volunteer members, Home Builders Care built the home in the Brookfield Chase neighborhood.

"This brings our Home Builders Care project full circle,"  Todd Johnson, HBAL Executive Director said, "We announced the start of the building project last summer and we are excited to dedicate this fantastic home to the Shackelford family."

SSG. Shackelford is an active member of the US Army who served our country in several overseas tours in the middle east.  He is currently serving as a Military Police Officer.  Cade is dedicated tot he US Military and plans on remaining in service until his retirement.

"We are fortunate to partner with a local bank to obtain the lot for the home and out Builder Members leading this effort have been nothing short of amazing in bringing this project together!  Mike Hall with Andover Construction has been the lead builder on the project and he and our other members have been able to get discounts and donations to make this home affordable for Cade and his Family," Mr. Johnson explained.  "The outpour of response has been great from HBA members for this project.  Home Builders Care will continue to support our local veterans, as well as, helping those who are in need through a variety of different charitable projects, the in coming year."

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 2012 Home for a Veteran Project

We are proud to announce our first building project for a deserving disabled Veteran of the United States Military is complete! The Home Builders Association of Lexington, in partnership with community volunteers, built a wonderful home in Lexington, KY for the purpose of providing a home for a disabled Veteran and family. These people have sacrificed so much for our freedom and we want to give back.

While it was a rainy day, we had 40 people turn out in support of Home Builders Care for the HBC Veteran’s House Dedication on November 12, 2012!  Once again, Home Builders Care would like to thank all of the members, volunteers, and donors who participated and gave so joyfully to this project.  Now there is only one thing left to say…Welcome Home Johnson Family!!


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